Savan Kotecha:

Source: https://www.popjustice.com/articles/savan-kotecha-interview-the-people-with-the-longest-careers-are-the-people-who-learn-how-to-do-it-on-purpose/

  • Savan was not initially accepted in the industry, but his persistence paid off.
  • He views songwriting as a mathematical formula.
  • He believes simplicity is very important in creating a pop song.
  • He is never satisfied with what he creates, which motivates him to continue.
  • Pop music to him is meant to establish trends rather than stick to any set ides for their previous successes
  • Often times, parts of a song must be sacrificed, especially lyrics
    • Melodies are the timeless elements of songs, so those should be worked harder on

Max Martin

Source: https://qz.com/923149/the-alchemy-of-the-perfect-pop-song-according-to-max-martin-the-genius-songwriter-behind-hits-for-britney-spears-taylor-swift-and-the-weeknd/


  • In his songwriting, he emphasizes balance within the melody.
  • He does not aim for fame with his music, and he understands that the attention of pop can cause problems
  • He believes that while pop is repetitive, speed will always change with time
  • He has written 21 number one billboard hits

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